Crochet Deer Amigurumi Free Pattern

Designer: Natalia Lebedeva
Instagram: @ecoigryshki

Hello Amigurumi Lovers…
One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi deer, whose photos and design belong to Natalia Lebedeva. You can learn how to crochet these flamingo using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to dear Natalia Lebedeva for this cute deer.

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Materials used:

• Plush yarn Himalaya dolphin baby. Less skein of the main color. I used 80337.
• Crochet hook size: 4, 4.5 mm.
• Nose, red plush.
• Yarn for gathering. I use Vitacoco.
• The eyes are inserted or sewn on. I use 0.7 cm sewn on ones. White felt makes the white eye.
• Yarn art jeans for horns 35.
• Needle for assembly, holofiber filler, marker for marking rows, scissors, lighter for sealing ends.


MR- Magic ring
Ch- Chain
Sc- Single crochet
Inc- Increase
Dec- Decrease
Slst- Slip stitch
Hdc- Half double crochet
Dc- Double crochet


1) 6 sc in MR
2) 6 inc (12)
3) (sc,inc)*6(18)
4) (2sc,inc)*6(24)
5) 24sc
6) (3sc,inc)*6(30)
7) 30sc
8) (4sc,inc)*6(36)

Cut the felt into a circle shape, place the eyes in the felt and attach to the body in row 10. We glue the felt to the body.
9-11) 36sc(3row)
12) (5sc,inc)*6(42)
13-14) 42sc(2row)
15) (6sc,inc)*6(48)
16-22) 48sc(7rows)
23) (6sc,dec)*6(42)
24) 42sc
25) (5sc,dec)*6(36)
26) (4sc,dec)*6(30)
27) We knit 12 sc and then we need to close the leg into the first loop. We knit the leg in a spiral along 12 sc.
32) 6dec

We retreat 4 loops from the first leg, knit 12 sc, close them further in a spiral 4 rows of 12 sc, at the end 6 dec.
We stuff the legs and body.
It is better not to sew up the hole between the legs, but to close it by making decreases all around. I got 6 decreases. We attach the thread to the body and knit a series of decreases, tightening the hole.


1) 8sc in MR
2-9) 8 sc (8rows)
Fold the handle and crochet 3 sc across the edge.


1) 6 sc in MR
2) 6 inc(12)
3) 12 sc. cut the thread.


1) 6 sc in MR
2) (sc,inc)*3(9)
3) (2sc,inc)*3(12)
4-6) 12 sc (3row)
7) (2sc,dec)*3(9)
Trim the thread, but leave a 15cm tip.
Use this tip to pull the right and left ear together to give it a concave shape.
We will use these mini threads to attach the ears to the body.


We take Yarn Art Jeans yarn. My hook was No. 1.5.
1) 6 sc in MR
2) 6 inc (12)
3-7) 12 sc, cut the yarn.
1) 8 sc in MR
2-4) 8 sc
Next, attach the large one to the small one and knit through 2 sc.
5-6) 16 sc
7) (2sc,dec)*4(12)
8-10) 12 sc, leave the thread for sewing.


1) 6 sc in a MR
2) 6 inc(12)
3) 6 dec


1) We fix the arms on the body with the remaining threads. We fasten them between the 15th and 16th rows, we pull the threads out at the dorsal point, tie them and hide them. Now we sew them on.
2) We also attach the ears to the head using points. In the 6th row.
3) We sew on the muzzle just under the eyes
4) Inserting the nose into the muzzle. It is 1.5 cm. You can embroider plush thread with 1.5-2 cm, at your discretion. I cut out the tongue from felt 0.7 by 1 cm.
5) sew on the horns in row 2.
6) embroider eyebrows and eyelashes.
7) tail in 20 rows.

The scarf can be knitted or crocheted.
I crocheted a scarf from Himalaya Dolphin Baby.
I make on a chain of 75 loops and knitted it in turning rows, 4 rows.

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