Big Ears Mouse Amigurumi Free Pattern

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One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi mouse, whose photos and design belong to Natalia Konovalova. You can learn how to crochet these mouse using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Natalia Konovalova (@storeofstories) for this cute mouse.

If you don’t know how to often crochet and needles, read our shares. Start your knitting according to the rate you have according to the shape you will make. Shape your toy by increasing and decreasing the point. Once you weave the shape you want to fill the inside of your toy and look at the pictures to decorate.
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ch – chain
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decreases


Hook N1.75, scissors, needle, eyes of a 5-7 mm diameter on a secure mount or adhesive, holofiber or synthetic fiber, my yarn is Pekhorka Children’s novelty, you can Yarnart Jeans, Alize Cotton Gold, etc.



We knit an oval: we collect a chain of 5 air loops.
The first row we begin to knit in the second loop from the hook.
R1: 3 sc, 3 sc in 1 loop, 3 sc, 3 sc in 1 loop (12)
R2: 3 sc, 3 inc, 3 sc, 3 inc (18)
R3: 3 sc, (1 inc, 1 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 inc, 1 sc) × 3 (24)
R4: 3 sc, (1 inc, 2 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 inc, 2 sc) × 3 (30)
R5: 3 sc, (1 inc, 3 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 inc, 3 sc) × 3 (36)
R6: 3 sc, (1 inc, 4 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 inc, 4 sc) × 3 (42)
R7: 3 sc, (1 inc, 5 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 inc, 5 sc) × 3 (48)
R8-23: (48)

If you have eyes on a secure mount, then they can be inserted in the 19th or 20th row, at your discretion, at a distance of 6 loops from each other.
R24: 3 sc, (1 dec, 5 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 dec, 5 sc) × 3 (42)
R25: 3 sc, (1 dec, 4 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 dec, 4 sc) × 3 (36)
You can start to evenly fill.
R26: 3 sc, (1 dec, 3 sc) × 3, 3 sc, (1 dec, 3 sc) × 3 (30)
R27: (1 dec, 1 sc) × 10 (20)
R28: (1 dec, 1 sc) × 6, dec (13)
If necessary, fill even to a very dense state.


R1: 2 ch, 6 sc into the second loop from the hook (6)
R2: inc in each loop (12)
R3: (12)
R4: 3 inc, 2 sc, (1 inc, 2 sc) × 2, inc (18)
R5-6: (18)
Embroider the nose with a pink thread so that its extension is opposite to the four increments of 4 rows, then we cut, fasten, and hide the thread. Stuff a little when sewing to the head.

Ears (2 parts):

2 details of blue thread and 2 details of pink
Knit all four parts in a circle. Add 6 loops in each row according to the ideal circle formula: x / 2 sc, inc, (x sc, inc) × 5, x / 2 sc (i.e. 1row: 6 sc, 2row: inc in each loop (12), 3row: alternation of 1 inc, 1 sc, and then in each even row 4row: x = 2, 6row: x = 4 and so on, you do not need to use the formula in odd rows, everything is unchanged 5row: alternation 3 sc, inc, 7row: alternation 5 sc, inc, etc.)
Knit, inclusive, to a row in which as a result of increases there will be 60 loops.
The blue and pink details, with the seamy sides to each other, are interconnected by sc, with a blue thread.

Feet (2 parts):

pink thread
R1: 2 ch, 6 sc into the second loop from the hook (6)
R2-3: (1 sc, inc) × 3 (9)
Blue thread
R4-11: (9)
We stuff quite a bit.
R12: fold and knit 4 sc
The thread is fixed and can be hidden, it is not useful, because we will knit the paws into the body.

Legs (2 details):

Pink thread
R1: 2 ch, 6 sc into the second loop from the hook (6)
R2: (1 sc, inc) × 3 (9)
R3-4: (9)
R5 blue thread: (9)
R6: (1 sc, 1 inc) × 4, sc (13)
R7-9: (13)


R1: we take the leg detail and after its last loop of the 9th row we knit 2 ch, then we take the second leg part and placing the hook in the first loop from the last knitted in the 9th row, we knit sc, then we knit the next 12 sc, 2 sc along the previously knitted air chain of two loops remaining 13 sc (30)
R2: 2 sc, inc, (4 sc, inc) × 5, 2 sc (36)
R3-7: (36)
R8: 2 sc, dec, (4 sc, dec) × 5, 2 sc (30)
Further it is already possible to start stuffing and continue along the course of knitting, tightly and evenly, giving shape.
R9-13: (30)
R14: (at this stage we knit the paws): 9 sc, then take one foot, combine its loops with the loops of the body and knit together 4 sc, 11 sc, take the second foot and, just like the first, knit 4 sc, 2 sc
R15: dec to the end of the row
R16: decrease to the end of the row, leave the thread long enough for sewing on the head.


With a pink thread, dial a chain of 30 (or at your discretion) ch, and knit it with connecting columns, leave the length of the thread so that it is enough to fix it on the body.


Sew ears to the head, head to the body, glue eyes, attach the tail, powder cheeks.