Amigurumi Cute Baby Doll Free Pattern

Hi there…
One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi baby doll. You can learn how to crochet these doll using the free amigurumi pattern.

If you don’t know how to often crochet and needles, read our shares. Start your knitting according to the rate you have according to the shape you will make. Shape your toy by increasing and decreasing the point. Once you weave the shape you want to fill the inside of your toy and look at the pictures to decorate.
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mr: magic ring
sc: Single crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease
FLO: Knitting from the front loop
BLO: Knitting from the back loop
sl-st: slip-stitch


• skin rope
• 2 color rope for dress (light pink, dark pink etc)
• 6 mm safe eye
• thin lace for skirt
• fiber
• 2.00 mm crochet hook
• scissors
• sewing needle
• small button



1) magic ring into 6sc
2) 6inc = 12sc
3) 1sc 1inc (6 times) = 18sc
4) 2sc 1inc (6 times) = 24sc
5) 3sc 1inc (6 times) = 30sc
6) 4sc 1inc (6 times) = 36sc
7) 5sc 1inc (6 times) = 42sc
8) 6sc 1inc (6 times) = 48sc
9–15) = 48sc

16) 6sc 1dec (6 times) = 42sc
17) 42sc
18) 5sc 1dec (6 times) = 36
19) 4sc 1dec (6 times) = 30sc
20) 3sc 1dec (6 times) = 24sc
21) 2sc 1dec (6 times) = 18sc
22) 1sc 1dec (6 times) = 12sc
23) 6dec = 6sc finish and close.

Note: The eyes will be fitted with a 9 sc distance between the 12th and 13th rows.
Let’s do the eye and mouth processing, the desired length of hair transplantation process.

Handles (2)

1) magic ring into 7sc
2-5) 7 sc
6) 2sc 1dec, 1sc 1dec = 5sc
7 -8) 5sc
9) 2sc 1inc, 2sc = 6sc
10-11) 6sc
After this queue, the end of each sequence will end with scrolling the loop.
12-13) 5sc 1sl-st = 6sc
We change to dress color. (Until this ordinary finish, two rows of dark and two rows of light colors will be made)
14-25) 6sc between rows

Foot and legs (2)

1) Magic ring into 7sc
2-35) 7sc
36) 1inc 6sc = 8sc
37-38) 8sc
39) 1inc 7sc = 9sc
40-41) 9sc
two pieces of knitting 2 continue without cutting the rope leg.
42) Assemble by pulling 3 chains, 9sc from the 1st leg, 3sc on the chain, 9sc from the 2nd leg, 3sc = 24 sc on the chain
We continue through the hull.


1) 5sc 1inc (6 times) = 28sc
2) 28sc
3) 5sc 1inc, 13sc 1inc = 30sc
4–6) 30sc
After this ordinary, each row will end with a slip-stitch.
7-8) = 30sc
We change to dress color. (Until this ordinary finish, two rows of dark and two rows of light colors will be made)
9) 30 sc with BLO
10) 6sc 1dec, 13sc 1dec, 6sc = 28sc
11-20) 28sc

We are starting to connect the arms.
21) 7sc body, with 2sc arms, 12sc body, with 2sc arms, 4sc
22) From 7sc body, 4sc arm, 12sc body, 4sc arm, 5sc body = 32x
23) 32sc
24) 4sc 1dec, (5sc1dec, 3 times) 5sc = 28sc
25) 2sc, (1dec 2sc, 4 times), 4sc = 24sc
26) 2sc 1dec (6 times), = 18sc
27) 1sc, 8dec, 1sc = 10sc
28) 10sc
skin color.
29) With BLO, 1dec, 1sc, 2dec, 1sc, 1dec = 6sc
30-31) Let’s leave long rope to sew 6sc
Let’s sew by adjusting the head we planted.

Skirt Construction

Let’s put a dark rope on the waist.
1) Let’s make a double double crochet on each loop.
2) 60 Half Double Crochet
3) 9 Half Double Crochet 1 Double Crochet (6 times) = 66
4–6) 60
7) 10 Half Double Crochet, 1 Double Crochet (6 times) = 72
8-9) 72
10) 11 Half Double Crochet, 1 double crochet (6 times) = 78
finish and cut the rope

Shoes (2)

1) Pull the 4th chain, starting from the second 2sc, 1inc, (2 times) = 8sc
2) 1inc, 1sc, 2inc, 3sc, 1inc = 12sc
3) 12sc with BLO
4) 3sc, 3dec, 3sc = 9sc
5) 2sc 1 chain, go back and skip 1 stitch, 3sc, 1 chain go back and skip 1 stitch 2sc,
We’re making a 15sc completely through it. Let’s pull 6 chains and put them across the shoe.

Hair Band

We’re doing 56 sc by pulling 57 chains. 6 chain pulling (this will be the buttonhole place) turn 56sc and finish. sew the button on the opposite side of the buttonhole and attach it to the hair.


10 chains with 3 rows of half double crochet and tie the middle of the headband rope sewing.